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The Alexandrite Laser: The Long Lasting Solution To Hair Removal

If you are looking for a truly long lasting, painless solution to getting rid of unwanted hair, painless laser technology will provide the smooth, hair-free results you desire. Whether you have unwanted hair on your face, arms, legs, bikini line, back area or anywhere else on your body, painless laser hair removal/reduction is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair and reduce hair growth.

At the DentalSPA in Dubai, we have recently introduced a family of the latest generation Alexandrite lasers so we guarantee the latest painless laser technology and treatments carried out by our highly skilled and trained expert. Treatments are suitable for both women and men. Men tend to opt for treatment on the ears, back and shoulders, whilst areas most requested by women include underarms, arms, bikini, upper lip, chin and legs. The Alexandrite laser is FDA approved and gives excellent, safe results.

In the hands of trained experts, lasers are very safe. The Alexandrite laser is the gold standard hair removal laser. At the DentalSPA, we know how difficult making a treatment decision can be. So, we invite you to book in for a complimentary consultation. This gives you an opportunity to visit our clinic and get to ask our treatment specialist any questions you may have. Before making a decision about your painless laser hair removal treatment in Dubai, always select a medical practice which comes highly recommended. Ask questions and reassure yourself that you are absolutely sure about the technician who will carry out your treatment. Ask about the treatment duration, aftercare and of course, the cost. Do nothing till you are fully informed and sure. At the DentalSPA, our patients are always surprised by how painless and easy treatment is. We are also told by hundreds of satisfied patients that our treatment prices are a great deal less expensive than those charged by less reliable laser hair removal methods in Dubai.

Please note that because any laser treatment will affect only those hair follicles in the current growth phase, several treatments may be necessary to weaken and disable those hair follicles that enter the growth phase subsequent to your initial treatment.

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Complete our ‘ask the doctor’ form on our website and we will get back to you quickly, or call us on 00971 4 395 2005 to book your painless laser hair removal treatment consultation today.

Some Often Asked Questions:

Why do you use the Alexandrite Laser for hair removal at the DentalSPA in Dubai?

It is one of the most advanced painless laser hair removal methods available. Not all laser hair removal machines are created equal, therefore we are delighted to announce that we have one of the most innovative systems. The future-forward technology of the Alexandrite Laser ensures that treatment is more comfortable and longer-term effective than with other hair removal systems and lasers.

How does a laser work?
Lasers emit a precise light that passes through the skin and is absorbed into heat at the hair follicle. The laser treatment process is based on a simple principle which is to disable the hair follicles beneath the skin surface to stop the hair from growing.

How many treatments will I need?
This can only accurately be assessed during a consultation, but it is usually essential to have around 4 to 6 treatment sessions. Why? The hair has a cycle of growing phase, resting phase and transitional phase. In order for a treatment to have the maximum effect, the laser has to work on the actively growing hair. At any one time, however, only a proportion of the hair is at the growing phase and this is the reason why several treatments are required to obtain maximum results.

How is treatment administered?
After a consultation with our painless laser hair removal expert she will be able to determine the amount of treatments you should require. Our painless laser hair removal expert holds the smooth laser device over the skin and treatment will commence. The head of the Alexandrite Laser remains cool to the touch and smooth throughout the treatment. Patients always comment about how pain-free, smooth-feeling and surprisingly pleasant the treatment is.

Is painless laser hair removal treatment safe?
Painless laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure which is perfectly safe. The settings used are individually chosen for your skin type and hair colour to minimise the risk of any skin reaction.

Our Laser Hair Removal Specialist
Laila Calvez is a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. She is one of the premier laser-based practitioners in the UAE and a specialist in dermatologic and laser hair removal treatments. She received the very highest training in the use of laser therapies including laser safety and treatment techniques. At the DentalSPA, Laila specializes in administering laser-based hair reduction and skin perfecting treatments using the latest generation laser technology. We can safely say that we own the most advanced painless laser machines available; our gold standard hair removal laser is the Alexandrite.

Find out more at www.thedentalspa.org

Complete our ‘ask the doctor’ form on our website and we will get back to you quickly, or call us on 00971 4 395 2005 to book your painless laser hair removal treatment consultation today.

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